Mac's at 19 Broadway is a speakeasy bar where you can drink your way through the 1920s. The walls are lined with art from the time. The bar is hand-finished by owner Chris MacCarthy. There is also a seating area outside with heaters for cold nights. The ceiling features ornate embossed designs. It is open daily for happy hour.

Mac's at Nineteen Broadway

Mac's at Nineteen Broadway is a speakeasy-style cocktail bar with live music and a stage that's lined with red velvet curtains. Live music is played almost every night and a patio area is available for those who want to enjoy the evening without crowds. The atmosphere is laid back and comfortable, and you can order online.

In the days before the earthquake, Mac's on Broadway was a hotspot for local rock bands. Aristocrats and other locals would hang out in the bar almost nightly. Even after the quake of 1989, Mac's remained a popular bar in Fairfax. Recently remodeled, Mac's features inventive, prohibition-era cocktails. You can sample drinks such as the Lord Fairfax, a drink that blends bourbon, amaro, and gin.

The bar was once the heart of Fairfax's rock scene, and you could hear live music almost every night. But as the town started to grow and gentrify, the bar struggled to attract rock fans. The new owners decided to turn the bar into a speakeasy. Featuring a baby grand Steinway piano, the bar will also feature live entertainment, including jazz groups, acoustic musicians, and local singers. Mac's at Nineteen Broadway offers cocktails and other cocktails that were popular during the prohibition period.

Live music

Long-running bar with a lively atmosphere and open-mike nights. There's also patio seating and a laid-back vibe. The drinks are well-crafted and the bar's friendly vibe makes it an excellent choice for an evening out in Fairfax.

The long-running Mac's bar on Broadway features live music and open-mike nights. There's no cover charge, and local musicians and artists perform there regularly. The bar also has a solid beer selection and good food. It's the best cocktail bar in Fairfax for live music.

Mac's at 19 Broadway is a speakeasy-style cocktail lounge in the heart of downtown Fairfax. It's named for a famous local bartender and features prohibition-style cocktails as well as craft beers and wines. A historic Fairfax landmark, Mac's is a great place to catch local talent, or gather with friends and catch a live band. The venue features a Steinway piano and a red velvet backdrop.

Mac's at 19 Broadway is an upscale cocktail lounge that used to be a rock concert venue. Since then, the venue has transformed into an upscale cocktail bar with an extensive wine and craft beer list. It features live entertainment several nights a week, including jazz and blues.

Open-mic nights

This long-running bar features open-mike nights and live music. It has patio seating and a relaxed vibe. Whether you're looking for a date night or an after-work drink, Mac's has it all. It is also a good place to hear local music.

The bar's music scene was vibrant before the 1906 earthquake hit the city, with rock bands performing almost every night. While many other local bars and restaurants shifted their focus toward family-friendly fare, Mac's at 19 Broadway remains a hotspot for local musicians and rock fans.

If you want to enjoy live music on a Saturday night, check out Mac's at 19 Broadway. The bar hosts open-mic nights and local bands on most nights of the week. It has a laid-back atmosphere and offers great food and beer.

Mac's at 19 Broadway is located in Downtown Fairfax, California. Live music is featured on most nights of the week, and the bar is home to many talented local musicians. You can even bring your own instrument if you'd like. The owners are friendly and the atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming. Mac's offers great drinks and a variety of wine and beer options.

Converted ice cream parlor

Located in a renovated ice cream parlor on Broadway, Mac's at 19 Broadway is one of Fairfax's most upscale cocktail bars. It has live entertainment and upscale cocktails, as well as a VIP room and private dining rooms. The bar also offers an extensive cocktail menu, and you can print it out for later reference.

Formerly known as the Palace of Live Music, Mac's at 19 Broadway has undergone a major renovation. Live music and open mic nights have been added, as well as a retro-themed atmosphere. A piano will soon be installed in the bar, which will allow for live jazz.

Once the epicenter of Fairfax's music scene, Mac's at 19 Broadway still features local bands almost nightly. Aristocrats from nearby San Francisco would frequent the bar, and it was a favorite of local rock bands. However, the gentrification of the town has made it difficult to draw in rock fans. Despite this, Mac's remains a great option for an evening out with friends.